Dewi MuliaName: Dewi Mulia Rengganis
Previous School: Universitas Tarumanagara 
Institution: University of Greenwich – UK
Intake: September 2021

Saya berterima kasih banyak kepada JACK Study Abroad yang sudah membantu saya mewujudkan salah satu mimpi saya untuk kuliah ke luar negeri. Kelebihan team JACK Study Abroad adalah sangat ramah, detail dan pantang menyerah dalam mencari solusi terbaik untuk membantu saya. Dari awal pertemuan pertama saja, team JACK Study Abroad memberikan informasi yang lengkap dan jelas langkah yang harus dipersiapkan untuk mendaftar di universitas tujuan serta beberapa rekomendasi universitas yang disesuaikan dengan budget dan preferensi pribadi. Hal tersebut bagi saya sangat penting sebagai pertimbangan dalam memutuskan universitas mana yang cocok untuk saya dan menentukan keberhasilan dalam mendapatkan visa atau universitas diinginkan di luar negeri.

Poin plus lainnya, team JACK Study Abroad bekerja dengan cepat termasuk mencari alternatif atau solusi ketika ada kendala, terencana dengan baik dan komunikatif dalam memberikan update setiap progress. Pengalaman saya dalam menempuh study S2 di University of Greenwich, London selama masa pandemi terdapat beberapa kendala tidak terduga tetapi team JACK Study Abroad dapat mengatasinya sehingga semua berjalan dengan lancar dan tepat waktu. It’s a great job and two thumbs up for JACK Study Abroad!!!

Axel Matthew HugengName: Axel Matthew Hugeng
Previous School: SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong 
Institution: Sheffield Hallam University – UK
Intake: September 2021

I found out about JACK Study Abroad from my cousin and I am very satisfied with the service JACK Study Abroad has given me. The staff helped me lots with the preparation for my university study. They take care of the whole process, from giving options of universities, assist me with university registration process until student visa application, and they equipped us with great information of pre departure for everyone who is departing to the UK in Sept where Indonesia is under red list at that time. They ensure our smooth departure and they even check how I’m doing in the UK after arrival. I currently studying at Sheffield Hallam University and I enjoy being international student in Sheffield. I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad for those who plan to study abroad.

Angela AnjaniName: Angela Anjani
Previous School: SMA Santa Laurensia 
Institution: INTO Manchester – UK
Intake: September 2021

Studying abroad for me was never open for argument, it was just a matter of how I would get there. So when it came down to it, JACK study truly understood the job and helped me every step of the way. From looking for schools, deciding my course, applications, scholarships, consolidating documents, to VISA applications which was a dreadful wait to everyone, even to adjusting in Manchester after my arrival. The team is incredibly proactive, organized, thorough, and amiable. I had no trouble or discomfort asking them about anything at any time, which I believe was very frequent.

Ultimately, JACK Study Abroad provides outstanding service from start to finish, and beyond. I highly suggest anyone who is looking to study abroad to consult with this agency because it has helped multitudes of students achieve one of their life-long dreams, including mine. An immense thank you for the JACK Study Abroad team, for helping me get to where I am today.

Jibril GibranName: Jibril Gibran
Previous School: Jakarta Intercultural School
Institution: University of Sussex – UK
Intake: September 2021

It would be an understatement to say that JACK Study Abroad has immensely helped me in the process of preparing to study abroad. Although there were greater challenges during the pandemic situation, I was able to overcome them with the continuous support from JACK Study Abroad. I am grateful for their assistance in applying for my student visa, providing helpful information, and checking in with me after I arrived in the UK. It has been an excellent experience to have been guided by JACK Study Abroad team in my journey to UK university education. Thank you JACK Study Abroad.

Nikita AdelineName: Nikita Adeline
Previous School: SMA Santa Ursula Jakarta
Institution: UCL Foundation – UK
Intake: September 2021

Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine. However, I am not sure if I can achieve it. At first, I didn’t even consider studying in the UK because I thought it was an unreachable dream as the UK has a high standard in education. However, I decided to push my luck and apply to some universities in the UK. I don’t know much about universities in the UK other than they have a high standard. I was introduced to JACK Study Abroad by a friend of my mom. I can see that JACK Study Abroad has many universities’ partners worldwide, but they are pretty strong in the UK; hence, why I thought that JACK Study Abroad would be a perfect fit for me.

They introduced me to various universities in the UK, but I feel like UCL would be the best choice for me because UCL is world rank university and they have exceptional facilities. Because I was not from international school and I did not hold international qualification, I need to study Foundation before the degree. Throughout the process, not only did they provide me with detailed information and suggestions about university in the United Kingdom, but they also guided me from the beginning. JACK Study Abroad guided me through my application process, my student visa application all of it until I arrived in London. Even after coming to London, they still check in me to see whether I have adapted to the new surroundings, how I am doing with school, and things that I must apply or pick up.

Even though I have only been here since September, I have already made many friends and memories with them. JACK Study Abroad has given me this fantastic opportunity to study in the UK, which I will never forget because If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have experienced all of this. Thank you, JACK Study Abroad, for all the support you have been giving me till now. For those thinking about using assistance from JACK Study Abroad, I would definitely recommend you do so.

Chelsea Adora

Name: Chelsea ADORA
Previous school: Binus University
Current school: University of Liverpool – UK
Intake: September 2021

JACK Study Abroad has helped me every single step of the way from the very beginning until I arrived and studied at University of Liverpool. I always knew what I wanted to study and JACK Study Abroad helped me with the university option, and finally I chose University of Liverpool. From the university application process, IELTS test registration until student visa applications, they are always happy to organise and sort things out for me. I wouldn’t have gotten here without their assistance. I enjoy my time and study in Liverpool. To anyone who is planning to study abroad, I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad.

Name: Yip San
Previous University: Binus School Serpong
Institution: University of Bath – UK
Intake: September 2020

I already had University of Bath in mind when I start applying UCAS. However I still needed guidance on my application process and exploring other options. My friend recommended JACK Study Abroad to me and they helped me choose other choices. Every staff that I know are super friendly and helpful. They took care of my whole application process and relieved much of my stress when applying for university, from getting in touch with university on documents needed, to student visa application process and pre departure briefing, they took care of everything.
I would like to thank JACK Study Abroad for all the effort that they put in, and I would definitely recommend them to everyone planning to study abroad.

Rayhan Aria PratamaName: Rayhan Aria Pratama
Previous University: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya
Institution: Coventry University – UK
Intake: September 2021

During my last year of bachelor studies, I was planning to pursue my master degree in the UK to follow my passion about sports and willing to learn about sports management in a country that has excellent sports development and innovation. However I felt that I need guidance on it because the process is quite complicated to do all the stuff on my own. Then, I remember that one of my friends recommended me to contact JACK Study Abroad to be guidance to continue my study.

After that I started to begin my journey and choose JACK Study Abroad as my guidance, they took care of all my applications. As a result, I was accepted into Coventry University and all my application process completed in only 1.5 months. Everything went smoothly from the application process until student visa had been issued even in the pandemic situation. JACK Study Abroad always gave me tremendous support throughout the process since day 1. 

Thank you JACK Study Abroad for handling all my applications. The team gave me a lot of advice on every single step until I arrived in the UK. I would highly recommend for those who want to study abroad, to choose JACK Study Abroad as your consultant to make your study plan happen.

Kusfisiami Wima MustikaName: Kusfisiami Wima Mustika
Previous University: Universitas Gadjah Mada
Institution: Durham University – UK
Intake: September 2020

It’s such a great experience that I could have excellent service from JACK Study Abroad!

The staff put best effort to help and facilitate me preparing everything to continue my Master study at Durham University in the UK start from the application process, student visa processing, until departure part. Even until my family finally join me here, they still provide the best services for them. They make sure everything is going well so that my studies can run smoothly.

I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad to anyone who wants to be stress-free from the administrative process and paper works when applying study abroad.Thank you so much, JACK Study Abroad !!

Herviantika ArissantiName: Herviantika Arissanti
Previous School: Padjadjaran University
Institution: Durham University – UK
Intake: September 2020

I knew JACK Study Abroad from one of my colleagues. He was an alumnus from Durham University and always recommended JACK Study Abroad if anyone asked him about the university preparation. Now I know why he only put good words on JACK Study Abroad because their services are indeed excellent. I initially planned to handle the preparation stuff by myself, but the pandemic situation took a toll on me. The situation was full of uncertainty even the university was difficult to reach out at the moment due to the online learning adjustment, and that was fully understandable. Then, I reached JACK Study Abroad to seek their assistance for handling the university application, etc, and it was the best decision I ever made.

One of their team helped me to organize things from A to Z until I fully settled in Durham, from communicating with the university regarding my application, student visa process, accommodation deposit payment until pre-departure briefing. She was very friendly and accommodating. She even helped me handling my family’s visa and departure to the UK, even though the UK Government Covid-19 rule is rigorous and complicated. I am beyond grateful for JACK Study Abroad helping us throughout the whole process. It is no doubt I would highly recommend JACK Study Abroad to those who wishes to study abroad!

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