Rayhan Aria PratamaName: Rayhan Aria Pratama
Previous University: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya
Institution: Coventry University – UK
Intake: September 2021

During my last year of bachelor studies, I was planning to pursue my master degree in the UK to follow my passion about sports and willing to learn about sports management in a country that has excellent sports development and innovation. However I felt that I need guidance on it because the process is quite complicated to do all the stuff on my own. Then, I remember that one of my friends recommended me to contact JACK Study Abroad to be guidance to continue my study.

After that I started to begin my journey and choose JACK Study Abroad as my guidance, they took care of all my applications. As a result, I was accepted into Coventry University and all my application process completed in only 1.5 months. Everything went smoothly from the application process until student visa had been issued even in the pandemic situation. JACK Study Abroad always gave me tremendous support throughout the process since day 1. 

Thank you JACK Study Abroad for handling all my applications. The team gave me a lot of advice on every single step until I arrived in the UK. I would highly recommend for those who want to study abroad, to choose JACK Study Abroad as your consultant to make your study plan happen.

Kusfisiami Wima MustikaName: Kusfisiami Wima Mustika
Previous University: Universitas Gadjah Mada
Institution: Durham University – UK
Intake: September 2020

It’s such a great experience that I could have excellent service from JACK Study Abroad!

The staff put best effort to help and facilitate me preparing everything to continue my Master study at Durham University in the UK start from the application process, student visa processing, until departure part. Even until my family finally join me here, they still provide the best services for them. They make sure everything is going well so that my studies can run smoothly.

I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad to anyone who wants to be stress-free from the administrative process and paper works when applying study abroad.Thank you so much, JACK Study Abroad !!

Herviantika ArissantiName: Herviantika Arissanti
Previous School: Padjadjaran University
Institution: Durham University – UK
Intake: September 2020

I knew JACK Study Abroad from one of my colleagues. He was an alumnus from Durham University and always recommended JACK Study Abroad if anyone asked him about the university preparation. Now I know why he only put good words on JACK Study Abroad because their services are indeed excellent. I initially planned to handle the preparation stuff by myself, but the pandemic situation took a toll on me. The situation was full of uncertainty even the university was difficult to reach out at the moment due to the online learning adjustment, and that was fully understandable. Then, I reached JACK Study Abroad to seek their assistance for handling the university application, etc, and it was the best decision I ever made.

One of their team helped me to organize things from A to Z until I fully settled in Durham, from communicating with the university regarding my application, student visa process, accommodation deposit payment until pre-departure briefing. She was very friendly and accommodating. She even helped me handling my family’s visa and departure to the UK, even though the UK Government Covid-19 rule is rigorous and complicated. I am beyond grateful for JACK Study Abroad helping us throughout the whole process. It is no doubt I would highly recommend JACK Study Abroad to those who wishes to study abroad!

Aurora Valentina

Name: Aurora Valentina
Previous school: Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School
Institution: Le Cordon Bleu London – UK
Intake: Jan 2021

I knew JACK Study Abroad back since I was in high school. When I finished my Bachelor degree and wanting to continue my education, I heard a good review from a family’s friend and also as recommended by the school representative. Despite the pandemic, I came to JACK Study Abroad with hope that they are able to help me to get here to the UK.

There I met one of their staff and she helped me from very beginning to get all the answers from the school. She gave me the school brochures, listed and checked all the documents that I needed to submit to the school, help me to get my student visa ready, help me to secure an accommodation and also give me a briefing before my departure. She occasionally checked on me too even after I arrived here in the UK. Thank you for the service JACK Study Abroad team! I would highly recommend those to come to JACK Study Abroad for assistance to study abroad!

VindyName: Vindy Hervyani
Previous School: Universitas Padjajaran
Institution: University of York – UK
Intake: Sept 2020

Study Abroad has been my biggest dream, and JACK Study Abroad has made my dream comes true. It has been quite a long journey to find out JACK Study Abroad, as I have moved around the different overseas education consultants for 3 times until I finally met the best one. When I was on my way to take the IELTS Test, I tried to get in touch with one of the counsellors from JACK Study Abroad and my problem was finally solved. JACK Study Abroad has provided me with information and great suggestions of university choices, as I had no idea at first about which university I should choose based on my criteria and sponsorship requirements. Following the recommendation, I was keen in University of York which is part of the Russell Group with excellent academic reputation on research, international environment and high student satisfaction rate. JACK Study Abroad has also given me tremendous supports throughout the process, from the university application, IELTS Test, document translation, until visa application and pre-departure briefings.

Because of the pandemic, I enrolled for online class in September 2020 for Autumn term then I safely landed in UK since mid-December 2020 and I have been studying here on Spring term. I am literally enjoying my time during my study at University of York. All the teaching staffs are also leading researchers in social science, especially in social policy so I can learn directly from the professionals in the field. The teaching staffs are always friendly and happy to answer questions via email and student drop-in session due to pandemic situation.

Throughout my study abroad experience, I have made friends from around the world, gained valuable knowledge and skills, as well as developing a more global outlook. None of this could happen without the support from JACK Study Abroad team. Thank you JACK Study Abroad.

Jennifer Gabriella

Name: Jennifer Gabriella
Previous school: Universitas Pelita Harapan
Institution: Birkbeck University of London – UK
Intake: Sept 2020

When I completed my bachelor’s degree from UPH, I decided to pursue my higher education in the UK, especially in Architecture. I found bit challenging because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, I didn’t have much time to do a survey and prepare. Luckily, I found JACK Study Abroad on the website. I contacted them right away and asked about the program and preparation. I chose London because it has fantastic architecture and I have always dreamed of studying there since I was a child. JACK Study Abroad helped me throughout the process to prepare everything from the very beginning starting from university application, accommodation arrangement, and until student visa process as well. They also provide me pre-departure briefing to ensure I am ready to depart to the UK.

It is indeed a journey to prepare everything on time. I was traveling alone with a lot of luggage, but I feel London is safe. When I arrived, London greeted me with its nice gloomy weather. I can say that this city is a great place to study. Even with the pandemic that happens, I can still make friends here, and I enjoy this city’s diversity.

Furthermore, it is not difficult to manage everything upon arrival, JACK Study Abroad’s team still assist and contacted me to check whether I am doing good. I am grateful for these experiences and am looking forward to more memorable experiences in London. I would recommend JACK Study Abroad for everyone who wishes to pursue higher education even in this pandemic situation. They will assist you with their excellent services.

Maria Josephine

Name: Maria Josephine
Previous school: Binus School Serpong
Institution: Newcastle University – UK
Intake: Sept 2020

I knew JACK Study Abroad from a university fair held by my school a year ago. It had been a dream of mine to pursue my higher education in a Russell Group University for my degree of choice, Biomedical Sciences. Throughout the whole application process, JACK Study Abroad had helped me and made it simple and easy. They have helped my process and made it possible for me to be a student here at Newcastle University.

Living in Newcastle had been really fun, and I’m having the best time of my life. The city is wonderful, and is student-friendly and safe. There

are tons of places to explore, whenever I wanted to go on a shopping spree, or just enjoy a nice stroll in the park, there’s always a place to go at Newcastle. Studying at Newcastle University had enriched me with all the knowledge I need and they have also supported me in obtaining my potential by providing career services and tutorials.

Overall, JACK Study Abroad had greatly helped me to achieve this and I would recommend their free services to students aspiring to study abroad, particularly in the UK.

Imran Rizki Putranto

Name: Imran Rizki Putranto
Previous school: Binus School Serpong
Institution: University of Bristol – UK
Intake: Sept 2020

I found JACK Study Abroad over a year ago when they came over to my high school along with representatives from the University of Bristol. I have always wanted to go to a top university in the UK to pursue my degree, Mechanical Engineering, and Bristol seemed like a very good choice. JACK Study Abroad has been there since the very beginning until the day I flew to the UK in October 2020.

I remember the first time talking to the representative from JACK, in which they immediately gave me very detailed and helpful instructions on what to do for my application for the university. Everything felt very simple, efficient and straightforward. They provided me with a list of all the documents I needed to submit, and they took care of the rest, including appointments for my visa and medical checkup. Overall, I am very satisfied with their service and could not be more thankful for everything they have done for me. I would 100% recommend their services to anyone looking to study abroad.

Celestine Etania WangName: Celestine Etania Wang
Original school: Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology
Institution: University of Salford – UK
Program: BA Hons Fashion Design – Sept 2020

Saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih banyak ke JACK Study Abroad yang sudah membantu proses transfer credit studi saya ke University of Salford di Manchester. Waktu itu sempat kesusahan cari konsultan untuk process transfer dan akhirnya saya nemu JACK Study Abroad yang sangat helpful membantu mengurus semuanya. Selain biaya pengurusannya FREE, JACK Study Abroad juga mempermudah semua proses untuk transfer ke uni. Waktu CAS belum keluar dari university juga team JACK Study Abroad yang bantu follow up terus menerus. Briefing jelas sebelum pergi juga diberikan one-on-one jadi dipastikan semua sudah well prepared dulu sebelum berangkat. Dijelaskan semua mengenai simcard, transportasi, akomodasi, dan lain-lain. JACK Study Abroad adalah konsultan yang sangat professional dan sangat ramah. Team nya juga sangat fast response dimana balas chat nya juga cepat dan selalu siap membantu. Bahkan waktu itu jam 10 atau 11 malam chat saya masih dibalas ama team nya. Setelah sampai di Manchester juga tetap di follow up dan dipastikan sudah benar-benar aman dan nyaman. Saya sekarang studi Fashion Design di University of Salford dan sangat enjoy so far. Bersyukur banget bisa mendapat layanan dari JACK Study Abroad. Reccomended banget sih.

Rifqi RamadhaniName: Rifqi Ramadhani
Previous university: Universitas Indonesia
Institution: University of Bristol – UK
Intake: September 2020

Pursuing a master’s degree at a top university used to be just a dream to me. Now that dream has become a reality. However, before it became a reality there was a rather complex process that I had to go through. From determining the choice options, matching my qualifications, considering my future career, ability to go attend the university during a pandemic, paperwork, etc. Luckily, I was introduced to JACK Study Abroad by a friend to deal with the complexity. I noticed that JACK Study Abroad is a partner with a number of the world’s top universities and some of them were in my consideration. I was given a lot of useful insights when I consulted with JACK Study Abroad from narrowing down my choice, completing my application, and they also helped me with the visa application when I got the offer along with everything I need to know before arriving in the UK. Note that all of this is done during the time of a global pandemic, which is a difficult situation for everyone, and JACK Study Abroad did a great job in helping me enroll in my favorite university during this difficult time.

Now I am finally studying at one of the best cities (Bristol) in the United Kingdom and one of the world’s top 100 universities (University of Bristol). It is nice to study in a whole new environment where I get to study my favorite subjects, make new friends, and explore good opportunities. I am lucky to be introduced to great university staff who make my studying experience more meaningful. Although my course can be difficult sometimes, I am truly grateful for the experience and the learning opportunity. If you are considering pursuing a degree abroad, I would recommend you to do your own research about the country and university (of course) and consult with JACK Study Abroad to determine the best for you.

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