Name: Theresa Nadia
Previous School: Binus School Serpong
Institution: The University of Western Australia – Australia
Intake: July 2021

Especially with the pandemic, discovering and finding the right university overseas was not easy for me. However, I am grateful enough to meet JACK Study Abroad who has been actively helping and supporting me find the right university with a major that suits my passions. They were able to provide me with several choices in different countries and advise me on my options. It was really helpful considering I have never been or known the living environment there. In addition, even with all the uncertainties in this pandemic, they are very keen on keeping me motivated to pursue my dream of studying abroad.


Finally, I have never regretted the choice to trust JACK Study abroad to help me with my further studies from choosing the right university to getting all accommodations and documents prepared.

Now I have been arriving and studying in UWA since March 2022 and I enjoy my life and study so far in Perth, Australia. Thus, I would like to say thank you very much to JACK Study Abroad for your support in pursuing my dreams.

Denny BahanaNama: Denny Bahana (Orang Tua Glenn Bahana)
Asal Sekolah: SMA Kanisius
Tujuan: Fraser International College Canada
Intake: Sept 2021

Kami menggunakan jasa konsultan pendidikan JACK Study untuk anak kami yang sekarang sudah mulai kuliah S1 tahun pertama di FIC Vancouver Canada.

Kami menggunakan jasa JACK Study mulai dari pendaftaran, pengurusan visa sampai pendaftaran dorm.
Secara keseluruhan kami sebagai orangtua, sangat puas dengan jasa yang diberikan, dalam hal berikut ini:

1. Informasi yang akurat
Banyak hal yang kami tanyakan berkaitan dengan pendidikan di Kanada, mulai dari informasi, admission, sampai dengan prosedur visa, semua informasi kami dapatkan secara baik dan akurat.
2. Komunikasi yang lancar
Sebagai konsultan JACK Study selalu siap membantu kapan saja sehingga komunikasi kami dengan beliau selalu lancar. Jika ada info yang belum diketahui, pasti akan mencari tahu dahulu dan kemudian diinfokan ke kami.
3. Perencanaan waktu yang baik

Setiap tahap selalu membuat perencanaan tanpa mendadak. Mulai dari admission, pelaksanaan tes toefl, pembuatan visa, pendaftaran dorm, dilakukan sedini mungkin.

Demikian pengalaman kami dalam menggunakan jasa JACK Study utk sekolah S1 anak kami di Kanada.

Glady Asri ShafiraName: Glady Asri Shafira
Previous School: Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
Institution: University of Leicester UK
Intake: January 2022

As an undergraduate student of engineering who is trying to pursue her passion in marketing, it is really hard for to convince myself that it is possible to switch path. The process of considering and deciding which university I will study went very short. I only have 2 months to choose and prepare for everything if I wanna start in January 2022 intake. Within that short period of time, I was guided by JACK Study Abroad. JACK Study Abroad helped me through the entire journey and able to convince me to continue my study even though it will be a completely different path. They gave me list of university choices that would suits my interest. The counsellors are friendly, approachable, and they would always reply promptly. I was able to finish all documents preparation in 2 months, they give me tips on how to make a good personal statement and CV. They are also active in doing follow up for all the needs, like college registration, visa and even accommodation.

Right now, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Marketing at University of Leicester and l am expecting to graduate next year. I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad for any students who have plans to study abroad, they would definitely help you a lot. JACK Study Abroad really made it easy for me, everything is just sorted out. Thank you JACK Study Abroad, I am very grateful for your support and assistance!

Kenneth TjhinName: Kenneth Tjhin
Previous School: SMAK 4 BPK Penabur
Institution: Teesside University – UK
Intake: September 2021

I am constantly looking for movement, vibrant, details, and complexity; everything which is attractive to the eye, including my fondness for art. The appeal of motionless multidimensional features’ ability to dynamically come alive offered by studying animation excites me, eventually making me realize that this is my passion and I intend to pursue this degree. Unfortunately, this path leads nowhere since it is so unusual: a computer animation major in Indonesia. Thus, studying abroad was my best option and it was my lifelong dream to learn about new countries and cultures, as well as make a connection globally. However, I have no prior knowledge of how to apply to universities abroad and the process was quite complicated for a high school student like me.

It was not until my parents found a very reliable agent, JACK Study Abroad. I have seen that JACK Study Abroad has numerous university partners across the world, but they are particularly strong in the United Kingdom, which is why I believed JACK Study Abroad would be a perfect match for me. We discussed what was the best option for me since I didn’t take IB or A level before because I wasn’t preparing for an overseas study and they found several options. Teesside University became my choice for possessing a great rank globally and advanced facilities. Thus, I believe there could be no better option than Teesside.

Throughout the application process, including student visa and CAS statement, they helped me until I landed safely in Middlesbrough. Then after that, JACK Study Abroad always double-checked and reminded me of things to do upon my arrival, for example applying for a GP and taking my BRP card. Now that I have just finished my first year here, they still keep checking on my well-being and I couldn’t thank them enough for the support and the opportunity they gave me to experience studying overseas.

Clementine VaniaName: Clementine Vania
Previous School: Stella Maris School
Institution: Birmingham City University – UK
Intake: September 2021

Up until this very second, I am super thankful that Year-11 Vania made that impulsive decision to register herself onto JACK Study Abroad’s Virtual Expo (which she accidentally encountered on YouTube Ads), when she had 0 to no clue about what studies she wanted to pursue.

I am currently living my life-long dream of studying in the UK, and I would give JACK Study Abroad the credit for it. I have received tremendous amount of help and advices, which I would never be able to thank them enough for. From listing out universities option that matches my desire back in 2020, up until the final briefing a day before my flight in 2021, JACK Study Abroad had always made the process twice easier. They have been a very reliable bridge between me and my University throughout the whole process. My parents were even impressed on how neat they are at preparing the documents you need to bring with you to the UK (read: The red folder :)). It is those small details that makes JACK Study Abroad different from other agents.

My studies here had been more than fun, and is definitely better than what I was expecting. I have had the chance to meet amazing people in the industry, field trip to popular companies that I have only seen in the media, and getting the chance to do placements in a world-renowned company. It amazed me how much opportunities study abroad could give you.

To all study abroad prospective students, do consider having JACK Study Abroad  as a part of your journey! With the friendliest and the most professional consultants ready to help you at every steps of the way, your study abroad chapter will begin in the best way possible.

Name: Elisabeth Tyasayu Dwiananda
Previous School: BINUS School Serpong
Institution: The University of Nottingham – UK
Intake: September 2021

I still can remember the stress and the pressure of preparing for university. The wide range of course options, different top universities around the globe, acing A-levels, and on top of that, the coronavirus pandemic. It was a lot to juggle alone so I sought help from the expert, JACK Study Abroad.

The first time I found out about JACK Study Abroad was through an Instagram advertisement and I got the chance a virtual info session. Then I decided to contact them and ask for guidance. They are truly helpful starting from choosing the university, application process, accommodation booking, and visa application. But the most important of all was that the JACK STUDY team never fails to make me feel at ease because of the effort they put in.

I am currently pursuing my degree in Biotechnology at The University of Nottingham and I recommend students who want to study abroad work alongside the JACK STUDY Abroad team. Big shout out to their team for the support and guidance from the beginning until the second I stepped foot at my dream University. Thank you for making the journey to Nottingham smooth. All the best wishes to JACK Study!

Anastasia Rebecca BernadetteName: Anastasia Rebecca Bernadette
Previous School: BINUS School Serpong
Institution: INTO University of Exeter – UK
Intake: January 2022

Pursuing my studies abroad has always been a lifelong goal of mine. When COVID-19 hit, everything suddenly looked uncertain. I remember being in constant doubt as the possibility of studying overseas seemed very slim. But with the support of my family, I held on to hope. Knowing how complicated and difficult the application process would be, the decision to seek assistance from JACK Study Abroad is one I would never regret. My agent was able to help me find the right course and university according to my career plans as well as apply for a student visa and accommodation. JACK Study Abroad provided me with the assurance I needed and I praise them for their reliability, approachability, and continuous support.

I am now pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance in the University of Exeter and am expecting to graduate in three years’ time. I definitely recommend all students who are interested in studying abroad to refer to JACK Study Abroad. I can assure you that you’ll be in good hands. Best of luck to you all out there and once again, thank you JACK Study Abroad!

Annisa TiaraName: Annisa Tiara
Previous School: SMA Plus Pembangunan Jaya  
Institution: University of Greenwich International College – UK
Intake: January 2022

Since I was little kid, I always want to study in the UK especially London, I took a gap year because of the pandemic, but then I found difficulty in finding information about study abroad. I accidentally found JACK Study Abroad in social media and I approached them straight away. Yes, I was hold by the right hand. They have been very helpful with everything. They guide me from the beginning process of applying to the university until student visa granted, flight ticket, accommodation etc and until I depart to start my study at University of Greenwich. There is no issue, I can relieve those whole steps are well taken care.

I just wanted to say thank you JACK Study Abroad for all of the help and support. I want to recommend JACK Study Abroad for everyone who wishes to study abroad. They are very helpful and won’t let you down! Once again thank you JACK Study Abroad 😊

Name: Ryan Divas & Ravel Divas
Previous School: BINUS International & PSB Academy  
Institution: Birmingham City University – UK
Intake: February 2022

For our introduction, we are brothers who have been doing our education in the region of Asia for more than 20 years now. This is our first time going off to another continent to continue our studies in the UK and were referred to as an agent by the form of “JACK Study Abroad”. At first, we were sceptical as we didn’t know how agents worked but, here we are healthy and safe in the UK with little to no problems transitioning.

JACK Study Abroad have helped us in many various ways which included variable options of institutions to apply to and the requirements to enrol in said institutions. JACK Study Abroad have also helped us in working out ways with our accommodation necessities and have helped us in getting our Visa. We did encounter some hiccups regarding our Visa but, it wasn’t a problem the agents could’ve done themselves. JACK Study Abroad have also provided us with instructions on what to do and what could help us when transitioning into the country of destination.

If you are ever feeling confused on what to do and make preparations when you need to leave your hometown and travel to different countries or even different continents for your studies, I would recommend JACK Study Abroad as based on my experience, the staff there were flexible, responsive, nice and patient with aiding me and my brother through our journey to prepare for our international study.

Electra LinggaName: Electra Lingga
Previous School: Tunas Muda School
Institution: Edmonds College –  USA
Intake: January 2022

As a sixteen-year-old student previously enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program, the admission process for moving to a college in Seattle is surprisingly simple. It was a very sudden decision for me so I was afraid that I couldn’t prepare everything on time. This was also something extremely new to us but JACK Study provided complete information and the overall process in a professional, quick, and thorough manner. Not only that, JACK Study also helped us get my student visa and family visa done carefully and on time. We could go as planned without any constraints. JACK Study Abroad has been really helpful and I’m so glad everything worked out well.

UKAustralia – New ZealandUSA – CanadaSingapore – China