Name: Matthew Varrel Weliyanto
Previous School: SMAK 6 PENABUR Jakarta
Institution: The University of Western Australia – Australia
Intake: July 2022

Studying abroad has always been my dream. The multiculturalism and diversity of the country captivated me to do it. Australia is one of the most wonderful countries that has my interest for my next study destination due to their excellence in education, broad range of education sector comprises world-leading education institutions, premium training facilities, and outstanding lecturers and student support services. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to plan and prepare for studying abroad. And that’s why I have deep gratitude to JACK Study Abroad team who has helped me to prepare all documents, apply for a student visa, and assist me throughout the whole process. Their experienced team are very helpful and attentive to me and my parents during the process. I have been arriving and studying at The University of Western Australia for few months now, and I enjoy my study and life here in Perth. Thank you JACK Study Abroad.

Name: Jihan Ayuzein Furqanita
Previous School: Universitas Padjajaran
Institution: University of Southampton – UK
Intake: September 2022

My experience with JACK Study Abroad has been so wonderful. I was so confused when preparing my postgraduate study application. But after I saw people introducing and recommending JACK Study Abroad on Youtube, I then directly followed them on Instagram and attended their global university expo. The fair was such life changing because I gained a lot of information that I needed then I was contacted by one of their teams. She helped me to decide which University suited my needs and expectations and guided me through the entire application process. Not only that, they also helped me with the student visa application and helped me find the perfect accommodation. From the moment I knew JACK Study Abroad until I arrived in the UK and started my study at University of Southampton, my experience with JSA was nothing but all easy and fun. I would totally recommend their service to everyone who wishes to study abroad.

Name: Halvina G. Saiya
Previous School: Universitas Gadjah Mada
Institution: The University of Sheffield – UK
Intake: October 2022

After I received Letter of Acceptance from The University of Sheffield, then I realized that visas and all relevant matters related to my study preparation will need more effort and special attention. I started looking for an education consultant who can help me throughout the process until my departure to the UK.

At that time, I found JACK Study Abroad just in time. JACK Study Abroad did not only helped me with the student visa application process but they also assisted me and provided a lot of information regarding all major and minor things I needed to know before and after my departure to the UK.

They responded very well and also helped me contacting the university regarding some administration things. I am pleased and enjoy the process during the process. I am now in Sheffield pursuing my PhD. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for the great support.

Name: Sharon Govanni
Previous School: Universitas Prasetya Mulya
Institution: The University of Manchester – UK
Intake: September 2022

Had an excellent experience with JACK Study Abroad. They were very helpful from the beginning of the university application process until the end of the pre-departure briefing. I received lots of guidance on which universities in the UK to choose, IELTS test registration, accommodation arrangement until student visa application. The team has been very attentive to my needs and questions, provided very detailed instructions of required documents and tips for application. I would like to extend my gratitude to JACK Study Abroad for making my master’s application went smooth until I arrive and study in The University of Manchester in the UK.

Name: Elisa Moetiara
Previous School: University of Indonesia
Institution: University of East Anglia – UK
Intake: September 2022

I am beyond grateful to be introduced to JACK Study Abroad. It could be very daunting for those of us who never study abroad, especially for all the administration that we must say is not quite that simple. But there was JACK Study Abroad who helped me in preparing all the student visa requirements, appointments, including as a point of contact to communicate with the university. It definitely would keep peace in mind knowing there is someone who takes care of you for all these preparations.

Thanks so much JACK Study Abroad for your sincere support. I am living my dream happily studying in the UK!

Maretta MarloName:  Maretta Marlo
Previous School: BPK Penabur International Jakarta
Institution: University of Bristol – UK
Intake: September 2022

When I first decided to continue my studies overseas, the first thing that came to my mind was JACK Study Abroad, as they also helped my brother to study in the UK few years ago. JACK Study Abroad really helped me a lot throughout the whole process from choosing which university fit for me until I arrive and study in the UK. Before applying, they would also give all details, university brochures and information you needed to know. They would also help you for your student visa application and go as far as checking on you when you have settled in the new place for about a month.

Prior to my departure, the team worked really swiftly from answering my questions, texts and to the application itself. She guided me with patience and gave a very clear instructions of what to do, how the system works and how to upload the files. Moreover, the consultation can be done both offline and online, this makes it much more flexible. There were several times I messaged her outside office hours and didn’t expect any reply, but to my surprise she always replied back; very thankful for that.

Overall, my experience with JACK Study Abroad has been really great. They have sent so many students abroad, which means they are familiar with the process, experienced and are very skilled. Therefore, I would definitely recommend it to students who are planning to study abroad.

Niko JuniantoName:  Niko Junianto Jap
Previous School: SMA Harapan Bangsa
Institution: Le Cordon Bleu – Australia
Intake: September 2021

Studying in Australia is one of the best decisions that I have made. I have always been interested in pursuing my study in this country because it offers multiculturalism and diversity. Australia also provides me the opportunity to work part time during study so I can improve my English and meet a lot of people from different cultures. I would like to thank JACK study Abroad, who has been helping me with document preparation, and apply for a student visa, and helping me throughout the process until I arrive and study at Le Cordon Bleu. JACK Study Abroad is always there to help me whenever I struggled or have questions about my study.  I highly recommend JACK study abroad for students who want to pursue their studies overseas!

Name: Gigih Santra Wirawan
Previous School: STIE Swadaya
Institution: Oxford Brookes University – UK
Intake: September 2022

My experience with JACK Study Abroad has been an excellent one. The counselor is nice and helpful, she assisted me from the beginning step from application process until visa application for me and my whole family. The counselor always gives complete information and response to all my enquiries. Their assistance made my study journey to the UK smooth. Thank you JACK Study Abroad.

Name: Gwen Tanujaya
Previous School: SMAK 1 BPK Penabur Jakarta
Institution: UCL Foundation – UK
Intake: September 2022

JACK Study Abroad was recommended to me and my parents by a family friend whose daughter had also used their services. At the time, I didn’t know what a life-changing recommendation that would be.

I had initially planned to attend a different, mid-rank university, also in the UK. Lucky for me, I encountered an incredible consultant at JACK Study Abroad which presented to me a ‘challenge’ of sorts – to apply to University College London’s foundation program, the UPCSE,  of which I have never known to exist. She told me that even though the application process is quite rigorous, she believed I could be accepted into the programme. I took up that challenge, and you can see for yourself where I am now!

From the moment I first stepped into JACK Study Abroad’s office until I arrived and settled myself in London, JACK Study Abroad has always been with me every step of the way. From informing me of my options for tertiary education to compiling a list of important documents that I will need and how to obtain them, and also checking in with me and making sure I have done all the necessary things once I arrived in London, like collecting my student ID, collecting my BRP, registering with a local GP, etc.

I highly recommend other prospective international students, especially those who are planning to study in the UK, to come visit and have a chat with one of the amazing and highly professional consultants at JACK Study Abroad. Thank you JACK Study Abroad!

Name: Jaocquin Menoch Pakpahan
Previous School: SMA Kristen Makarios
Institution: University of Kansas – USA
Intake: August 2022

Back in August 2021, I was pretty much confused about my academic future. After being recommended by my friend about JACK Study Abroad, I messaged one of the JACK Study Abroad team about my interest in studying abroad in the states. I was given plenty of options about overseas universities, and after all considerations with my parents, I decided to attend the University of Kansas because University of Kansas is one of the top universities in the USA for my major and also affordable price for tuition fees and living.

JACK Study Abroad helped me a lot, especially with document preparation, visa preparation, document translation, and academic advising. I am very grateful because JACK Study Abroad always responds to my questions quickly and accurately, and makes sure all the process goes smoothly.

I would highly recommend JACK Study Abroad for those who want to study abroad and thank you JACK Study Abroad for the great service!

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