Dewi Mulia Rengganis - University of Greenwich

Dewi MuliaName: Dewi Mulia Rengganis
Previous School: Universitas Tarumanagara 
Institution: University of Greenwich – UK
Intake: September 2021

Saya berterima kasih banyak kepada JACK Study Abroad yang sudah membantu saya mewujudkan salah satu mimpi saya untuk kuliah ke luar negeri. Kelebihan team JACK Study Abroad adalah sangat ramah, detail dan pantang menyerah dalam mencari solusi terbaik untuk membantu saya. Dari awal pertemuan pertama saja, team JACK Study Abroad memberikan informasi yang lengkap dan jelas langkah yang harus dipersiapkan untuk mendaftar di universitas tujuan serta beberapa rekomendasi universitas yang disesuaikan dengan budget dan preferensi pribadi. Hal tersebut bagi saya sangat penting sebagai pertimbangan dalam memutuskan universitas mana yang cocok untuk saya dan menentukan keberhasilan dalam mendapatkan visa atau universitas diinginkan di luar negeri.

Poin plus lainnya, team JACK Study Abroad bekerja dengan cepat termasuk mencari alternatif atau solusi ketika ada kendala, terencana dengan baik dan komunikatif dalam memberikan update setiap progress. Pengalaman saya dalam menempuh study S2 di University of Greenwich, London selama masa pandemi terdapat beberapa kendala tidak terduga tetapi team JACK Study Abroad dapat mengatasinya sehingga semua berjalan dengan lancar dan tepat waktu. It’s a great job and two thumbs up for JACK Study Abroad!!!

Axel Matthew Hugeng - Sheffield Hallam University

Axel Matthew HugengName: Axel Matthew Hugeng
Previous School: SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong 
Institution: Sheffield Hallam University – UK
Intake: September 2021

I found out about JACK Study Abroad from my cousin and I am very satisfied with the service JACK Study Abroad has given me. The staff helped me lots with the preparation for my university study. They take care of the whole process, from giving options of universities, assist me with university registration process until student visa application, and they equipped us with great information of pre departure for everyone who is departing to the UK in Sept where Indonesia is under red list at that time. They ensure our smooth departure and they even check how I’m doing in the UK after arrival. I currently studying at Sheffield Hallam University and I enjoy being international student in Sheffield. I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad for those who plan to study abroad.

Angela Anjani - INTO Manchester

Angela AnjaniName: Angela Anjani
Previous School: SMA Santa Laurensia 
Institution: INTO Manchester – UK
Intake: September 2021

Studying abroad for me was never open for argument, it was just a matter of how I would get there. So when it came down to it, JACK study truly understood the job and helped me every step of the way. From looking for schools, deciding my course, applications, scholarships, consolidating documents, to VISA applications which was a dreadful wait to everyone, even to adjusting in Manchester after my arrival. The team is incredibly proactive, organized, thorough, and amiable. I had no trouble or discomfort asking them about anything at any time, which I believe was very frequent.

Ultimately, JACK Study Abroad provides outstanding service from start to finish, and beyond. I highly suggest anyone who is looking to study abroad to consult with this agency because it has helped multitudes of students achieve one of their life-long dreams, including mine. An immense thank you for the JACK Study Abroad team, for helping me get to where I am today.

Jibril Gibran - University of Sussex

Jibril GibranName: Jibril Gibran
Previous School: Jakarta Intercultural School
Institution: University of Sussex – UK
Intake: September 2021

It would be an understatement to say that JACK Study Abroad has immensely helped me in the process of preparing to study abroad. Although there were greater challenges during the pandemic situation, I was able to overcome them with the continuous support from JACK Study Abroad. I am grateful for their assistance in applying for my student visa, providing helpful information, and checking in with me after I arrived in the UK. It has been an excellent experience to have been guided by JACK Study Abroad team in my journey to UK university education. Thank you JACK Study Abroad.

Nikita Adeline - UCL Foundation

Nikita AdelineNama: Nikita Adeline
Previous School: SMA Santa Ursula Jakarta
Institution: UCL Foundation – UK
Intake: September 2021

Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine. However, I am not sure if I can achieve it. At first, I didn’t even consider studying in the UK because I thought it was an unreachable dream as the UK has a high standard in education. However, I decided to push my luck and apply to some universities in the UK. I don’t know much about universities in the UK other than they have a high standard. I was introduced to JACK Study Abroad by a friend of my mom. I can see that JACK Study Abroad has many universities’ partners worldwide, but they are pretty strong in the UK; hence, why I thought that JACK Study Abroad would be a perfect fit for me.

They introduced me to various universities in the UK, but I feel like UCL would be the best choice for me because UCL is world rank university and they have exceptional facilities. Because I was not from international school and I did not hold international qualification, I need to study Foundation before the degree. Throughout the process, not only did they provide me with detailed information and suggestions about university in the United Kingdom, but they also guided me from the beginning. JACK Study Abroad guided me through my application process, my student visa application all of it until I arrived in London. Even after coming to London, they still check in me to see whether I have adapted to the new surroundings, how I am doing with school, and things that I must apply or pick up.

Even though I have only been here since September, I have already made many friends and memories with them. JACK Study Abroad has given me this fantastic opportunity to study in the UK, which I will never forget because If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have experienced all of this. Thank you, JACK Study Abroad, for all the support you have been giving me till now. For those thinking about using assistance from JACK Study Abroad, I would definitely recommend you do so.

Chelsea Adora - University of Liverpool

Chelsea Adora

Name: Chelsea ADORA
Previous school: Binus University
Current school: University of Liverpool – UK
Intake: September 2021

JACK Study Abroad has helped me every single step of the way from the very beginning until I arrived and studied at University of Liverpool. I always knew what I wanted to study and JACK Study Abroad helped me with the university option, and finally I chose University of Liverpool. From the university application process, IELTS test registration until student visa applications, they are always happy to organise and sort things out for me. I wouldn’t have gotten here without their assistance. I enjoy my time and study in Liverpool. To anyone who is planning to study abroad, I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad.

Yip San - University of Bath

Name: Yip San
Previous University: Binus School Serpong
Institution: University of Bath – UK
Intake: September 2020

I already had University of Bath in mind when I start applying UCAS. However I still needed guidance on my application process and exploring other options. My friend recommended JACK Study Abroad to me and they helped me choose other choices. Every staff that I know are super friendly and helpful. They took care of my whole application process and relieved much of my stress when applying for university, from getting in touch with university on documents needed, to student visa application process and pre departure briefing, they took care of everything.
I would like to thank JACK Study Abroad for all the effort that they put in, and I would definitely recommend them to everyone planning to study abroad.

Rayhan Aria Pratama - Coventry University

Rayhan Aria PratamaName: Rayhan Aria Pratama
Previous University: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya
Institution: Coventry University – UK
Intake: September 2021

During my last year of bachelor studies, I was planning to pursue my master degree in the UK to follow my passion about sports and willing to learn about sports management in a country that has excellent sports development and innovation. However I felt that I need guidance on it because the process is quite complicated to do all the stuff on my own. Then, I remember that one of my friends recommended me to contact JACK Study Abroad to be guidance to continue my study.

After that I started to begin my journey and choose JACK Study Abroad as my guidance, they took care of all my applications. As a result, I was accepted into Coventry University and all my application process completed in only 1.5 months. Everything went smoothly from the application process until student visa had been issued even in the pandemic situation. JACK Study Abroad always gave me tremendous support throughout the process since day 1. 

Thank you JACK Study Abroad for handling all my applications. The team gave me a lot of advice on every single step until I arrived in the UK. I would highly recommend for those who want to study abroad, to choose JACK Study Abroad as your consultant to make your study plan happen.

Kusfisiami Wima Mustika - Durham University

Kusfisiami Wima MustikaName: Kusfisiami Wima Mustika
Previous University: Universitas Gadjah Mada
Institution: Durham University – UK
Intake: September 2020

It’s such a great experience that I could have excellent service from JACK Study Abroad!

The staff put best effort to help and facilitate me preparing everything to continue my Master study at Durham University in the UK start from the application process, student visa processing, until departure part. Even until my family finally join me here, they still provide the best services for them. They make sure everything is going well so that my studies can run smoothly.

I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad to anyone who wants to be stress-free from the administrative process and paper works when applying study abroad.Thank you so much, JACK Study Abroad !!

Herviantika Arissanti - Durham University

Herviantika ArissantiName: Herviantika Arissanti
Previous School: Padjadjaran University
Institution: Durham University – UK
Intake: September 2020

I knew JACK Study Abroad from one of my colleagues. He was an alumnus from Durham University and always recommended JACK Study Abroad if anyone asked him about the university preparation. Now I know why he only put good words on JACK Study Abroad because their services are indeed excellent. I initially planned to handle the preparation stuff by myself, but the pandemic situation took a toll on me. The situation was full of uncertainty even the university was difficult to reach out at the moment due to the online learning adjustment, and that was fully understandable. Then, I reached JACK Study Abroad to seek their assistance for handling the university application etc, and it was the best decision I ever made.

One of their team helped me to organize things from A to Z until I fully settled in Durham, from communicating with the university regarding my application, student visa process, accommodation deposit payment until pre-departure briefing. She was very friendly and accommodating. She even helped me handling my family’s visa and departure to the UK, even though the UK Government Covid-19 rule is rigorous and complicated. I am beyond grateful for JACK Study Abroad helping us throughout the whole process. It is no doubt I would highly recommend JACK Study Abroad to those who wishes to study abroad!

Aurora Valentina - Le Cordon Bleu London

Aurora Valentina

Name: Aurora Valentina
Previous school: Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School
Institution: Le Cordon Bleu London
Intake: Jan 2021

I knew JACK Study Abroad back since I was in high school. When I finished my Bachelor degree and wanting to continue my education, I heard a good review from a family’s friend and also as recommended by the school representative. Despite the pandemic, I came to JACK Study Abroad with hope that they are able to help me to get here to the UK.

There I met one of their staff and she helped me from very beginning to get all the answers from the school. She gave me the school brochures, listed and checked all the documents that I needed to submit to the school, help me to get my student visa ready, help me to secure an accommodation and also give me a briefing before my departure. She occasionally checked on me too even after I arrived here in the UK. Thank you for the service JACK Study Abroad team! I would highly recommend those to come to JACK Study Abroad for assistance to study abroad!

Vindy Hervyani - University of York

VindyName: Vindy Hervyani
Previous School: Universitas Padjajaran
Institution: University of York – UK
Intake: Sept 2020

Study Abroad has been my biggest dream, and JACK Study Abroad has made my dream comes true. It has been quite a long journey to find out JACK Study Abroad, as I have moved around the different overseas education consultants for 3 times until I finally met the best one. When I was on my way to take the IELTS Test, I tried to get in touch with one of the counsellors from JACK Study Abroad and my problem was finally solved. JACK Study Abroad has provided me with information and great suggestions of university choices, as I had no idea at first about which university I should choose based on my criteria and sponsorship requirements. Following the recommendation, I was keen in University of York which is part of the Russell Group with excellent academic reputation on research, international environment and high student satisfaction rate. JACK Study Abroad has also given me tremendous supports throughout the process, from the university application, IELTS Test, document translation, until visa application and pre-departure briefings.

Because of the pandemic, I enrolled for online class in September 2020 for Autumn term then I safely landed in UK since mid-December 2020 and I have been studying here on Spring term. I am literally enjoying my time during my study at University of York. All the teaching staffs are also leading researchers in social science, especially in social policy so I can learn directly from the professionals in the field. The teaching staffs are always friendly and happy to answer questions via email and student drop-in session due to pandemic situation.

Throughout my study abroad experience, I have made friends from around the world, gained valuable knowledge and skills, as well as developing a more global outlook. None of this could happen without the support from JACK Study Abroad team. Thank you JACK Study Abroad.

Jennifer Gabriella - Birkbeck University of London

Jennifer Gabriella
Name: Jennifer Gabriella
Previous school: Universitas Pelita Harapan
Institution: Birkbeck University of London – UK
Intake: Sept 2020

When I completed my bachelor’s degree from UPH, I decided to pursue my higher education in the UK, especially in Architecture. I found bit challenging because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, I didn’t have much time to do a survey and prepare. Luckily, I found JACK Study Abroad on the website. I contacted them right away and asked about the program and preparation. I chose London because it has fantastic architecture and I have always dreamed of studying there since I was a child. JACK Study Abroad helped me throughout the process to prepare everything from the very beginning starting from university application, accommodation arrangement, and until student visa process as well. They also provide me pre-departure briefing to ensure I am ready to depart to the UK.

It is indeed a journey to prepare everything on time. I was traveling alone with a lot of luggage, but I feel London is safe. When I arrived, London greeted me with its nice gloomy weather. I can say that this city is a great place to study. Even with the pandemic that happens, I can still make friends here, and I enjoy this city’s diversity.

Furthermore, it is not difficult to manage everything upon arrival, JACK Study Abroad’s team still assist and contacted me to check whether I am doing good. I am grateful for these experiences and am looking forward to more memorable experiences in London. I would recommend JACK Study Abroad for everyone who wishes to pursue higher education even in this pandemic situation. They will assist you with their excellent services.

Maria Josephine - Newcastle University

Maria Josephine

Name: Maria Josephine
Previous school: Binus School Serpong
Institution: Newcastle University – UK
Intake: Sept 2020

I knew JACK Study Abroad from a university fair held by my school a year ago. It had been a dream of mine to pursue my higher education in a Russell Group University for my degree of choice, Biomedical Sciences. Throughout the whole application process, JACK Study Abroad had helped me and made it simple and easy. They have helped my process and made it possible for me to be a student here at Newcastle University.

Living in Newcastle had been really fun, and I’m having the best time of my life. The city is wonderful, and is student-friendly and safe. There

are tons of places to explore, whenever I wanted to go on a shopping spree, or just enjoy a nice stroll in the park, there’s always a place to go at Newcastle. Studying at Newcastle University had enriched me with all the knowledge I need and they have also supported me in obtaining my potential by providing career services and tutorials.

Overall, JACK Study Abroad had greatly helped me to achieve this and I would recommend their free services to students aspiring to study abroad, particularly in the UK.

Imran Rizki Putranto - University of Bristol

Imran Rizki Putranto

Name: Imran Rizki Putranto
Previous school: Binus School Serpong
Institution: University of Bristol – UK
Intake: Sept 2020

I found JACK Study Abroad over a year ago when they came over to my high school along with representatives from the University of Bristol. I have always wanted to go to a top university in the UK to pursue my degree, Mechanical Engineering, and Bristol seemed like a very good choice. JACK Study Abroad has been there since the very beginning until the day I flew to the UK in October 2020.

I remember the first time talking to the representative from JACK, in which they immediately gave me very detailed and helpful instructions on what to do for my application for the university. Everything felt very simple, efficient and straightforward. They provided me with a list of all the documents I needed to submit, and they took care of the rest, including appointments for my visa and medical checkup. Overall, I am very satisfied with their service and could not be more thankful for everything they have done for me. I would 100% recommend their services to anyone looking to study abroad.

Celestine Etania Wang - University of Salford

Celestine Etania WangName: Celestine Etania Wang
Original school: Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology
Institution: University of Salford – UK
Program: BA Hons Fashion Design – Sept 2020

Saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih banyak ke JACK Study Abroad yang sudah membantu proses transfer credit studi saya ke University of Salford di Manchester. Waktu itu sempat kesusahan cari konsultan untuk process transfer dan akhirnya saya nemu JACK Study Abroad yang sangat helpful membantu mengurus semuanya. Selain biaya pengurusannya FREE, JACK Study Abroad juga mempermudah semua proses untuk transfer ke uni. Waktu CAS belum keluar dari university juga team JACK Study Abroad yang bantu follow up terus menerus. Briefing jelas sebelum pergi juga diberikan one-on-one jadi dipastikan semua sudah well prepared dulu sebelum berangkat. Dijelaskan semua mengenai simcard, transportasi, akomodasi, dan lain-lain. JACK Study Abroad adalah konsultan yang sangat professional dan sangat ramah. Team nya juga sangat fast response dimana balas chat nya juga cepat dan selalu siap membantu. Bahkan waktu itu jam 10 atau 11 malam chat saya masih dibalas ama team nya. Setelah sampai di Manchester juga tetap di follow up dan dipastikan sudah benar-benar aman dan nyaman. Saya sekarang studi Fashion Design di University of Salford dan sangat enjoy so far. Bersyukur banget bisa mendapat layanan dari JACK Study Abroad. Reccomended banget sih.

Rifqi Ramadhani - University of Bristol

Rifqi RamadhaniName: Rifqi Ramadhani
Previous university: Universitas Indonesia
Institution: University of Bristol – UK
Intake: September 2020

Pursuing a master’s degree at a top university used to be just a dream to me. Now that dream has become a reality. However, before it became a reality there was a rather complex process that I had to go through. From determining the choice options, matching my qualifications, considering my future career, ability to go attend the university during a pandemic, paperwork, etc. Luckily, I was introduced to JACK Study Abroad by a friend to deal with the complexity. I noticed that JACK Study Abroad is a partner with a number of the world’s top universities and some of them were in my consideration. I was given a lot of useful insights when I consulted with JACK Study Abroad from narrowing down my choice, completing my application, and they also helped me with the visa application when I got the offer along with everything I need to know before arriving in the UK. Note that all of this is done during the time of a global pandemic, which is a difficult situation for everyone, and JACK Study Abroad did a great job in helping me enroll in my favorite university during this difficult time.

Now I am finally studying at one of the best cities (Bristol) in the United Kingdom and one of the world’s top 100 universities (University of Bristol). It is nice to study in a whole new environment where I get to study my favorite subjects, make new friends, and explore good opportunities. I am lucky to be introduced to great university staff who make my studying experience more meaningful. Although my course can be difficult sometimes, I am truly grateful for the experience and the learning opportunity. If you are considering pursuing a degree abroad, I would recommend you to do your own research about the country and university (of course) and consult with JACK Study Abroad to determine the best for you.

Vanessa Barki - University of Sussex

Vanessa Barki

Name : Vanessa Barki
Previous Institution : Saint Ursula High School
University : University of Sussex, Brighton – UK
Intake : September 2019

Jack Study Abroad was utterly helpful. They guided me from the very beginning of my university journey. JACK Study Abroad helped arrange my IELTS test schedule, visa appointments, helped me choose my campus accommodation, until finally entering my university a few months ago. JACK Study Abroad made the whole application process very efficient and easy for me as well. I am very satisfied with all the help JACK Study Abroad has given me and couldn’t be happier now studying at University of Sussex, UK.

Wahyu Ega Nugraha - Durham University

Name : Wahyu Ega Nugraha
Previous Institution : Universitas Gadjah Mada
University Institution : Durham University – UK
Intake : September 2019

I knew Jack Study Abroad from my colleague who completed his master’s degree with the favor of Jack Study Abroad. For the first time, I’m not so sure to use any study agencies, but Jack Study Abroad has proved their reputation since they made my life much easier. They are very responsive, do not hesitate to help with my A to Z matters, and the most important is they are my good friends to talk to. Thank you Jack Study Abroad, for helping me make my dream come true.

Eugenia Angesti MEGANINGTYAS - University of Leeds

Eugenia AngestiName : Eugenia Angesti MEGANINGTYAS
Previous Institution : SMA St John BSD
University : University of Leeds – UK
Intake : Sept 2017

In my final year of high school, I was planning to pursue further study in the UK, but I felt that I needed some guidance on it. I found out about JACK Study Abroad during my high school education fair. I was interested in International Relations and JACK Study Abroad provided me with great suggestions on university choices. I was very keen on the University of Leeds which is part of the Russel Group with excellent academic reputation, international environment and high student satisfaction rate. Following the recommendation from JACK Study Abroad, I enrolled in the International Year One (IY1) Program at Leeds International Study Centre in September 2017. JACK Study Abroad gave me tremendous support throughout the process, from the university application, IELTS test, visa application, and accommodation in Leeds. This also continues after I finish IY1 and move on to my second year at the university.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the University of Leeds. Many of the teaching staff are also leading researchers in social science so, I got to learn directly from professionals in the field. They were always friendly and happy to answer questions via email or face – to – face during office hours. The student life was also amazing; there are plenty of clubs and societies you can join and there is always something going on at the Union. I was able to develop my leadership and organisational skills by joining Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) and directing the Indonesian Cultural Arts and Festival (ICAF). I also had a chance to teach traditional Balinese dance as an International Ambassador and improved my faculty by being a student representative for the course.

Thanks to my study abroad, I have made friends from around the world, gained valuable knowledge and skills, as well as developing a more global outlook. I have just graduated with honours in BA International Relations from the University of Leeds this July 2020 and none of this could happen without the support from the team of JACK Study Abroad!

Yesayas Taslim - University of Reading

yesayasName : Yesayas Taslim
Previous Institution : Springfield International School
University : University of Reading – UK
Intake : Sept 2019

Here’s a picture of myself standing right in front of the newly refurbished University of Reading. I’m sure that I won’t be standing here if JACK Study Abroad didn’t guide me through my university application journey.

My university journey started when I was taking my A Levels (AS&A2). As I got my AS Level results, I was quite devastated and started to doubt getting into a prestigious university. At this stage, I felt lost and had thoughts of ending up to a university which I wouldn’t like.

I then started searching up for further assistance, and that’s when JACK Study Abroad gave me a hand. I received lots of support from JACK Study Abroad and got my motivations up. I retook my AS levels and finished my A levels with much better results. They provided me with lots of useful information that helped me with my future university choices.

JACK Study Abroad educated me on what to expect and guided me through the process of getting into university. They assisted me with checking my personal statement, official paper-works as well as communications with the university itself. This made the process ran well above my expectations.

I’m currently on my first term in University of Reading studying Bsc Biochemistry. JACK Study Abroad played a big role on getting me to a university I’ve always wanted, and I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad if you have thoughts on studying in the UK.

Maykel Soeharto - On Campus London

Maykel SoehartoName : Maykel Soeharto
Previous institution : Raffles Christian School 
University : On Campus London – UK
Intake : Sept 2019

My name is Maykel and I would like to thank JACK Study Abroad for helping me get through the process of acceptance into foundation program at On Campus London. They helped me with everything all the way from applying to the institution until gaining the student visa I require to study in the UK, as well as give me suggestions for university choices, they also continue taking care of me even after I arrive in London. I can’t thank them enough. I have been studying here for 3 months now and I enjoy my study and life in London.

Reynoldus Turnip - University of Hertfordshire

Reynoldus Turnip

Name : Reynoldus Turnip
Previous Institution : Parahyangan Catholic University
University : University of Hertfordshire – UK
Intake : September 2019

I have visited dozens of education exhibitions in Jakarta over the past 3 years, and finally stepped into JACK Study Abroad office in Gading Serpong. I admire their expertise and I really respect their work attitude. The staffs are very helpful and professional. They guided me through every step of complicated process to study in the UK. I think I would never reach this point without their great assistance, and their service is free! Finally, my dream to study abroad became true. I have just starting my new life and study at University of Hertfordshire with my family. I enjoy it so far. Thanks God, and thank you for JACK Study Abroad.

Kiara Hambali - Leeds Arts University

kiara hambali

Name : Kiara Hambali
Previous Institution : Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
University : Leeds Arts University – UK
Intake : September 2019

During the last year of my diploma, I was looking for universities where I could possibly transfer my credits too. I found Leeds Art University and also I found out the university has a local representative in Indonesia which was JACK Study Abroad, I knew that they were reliable because one of my friends recommended them to me.

JACK Study Abroad really helped me through every single part of the application process. They helped me to transfer all my credits, register me for the IELTS exams, as well as helped me through the student visa application once I have been accepted to the university. Even when I arrived in the UK and starting my study, they still kept contact me to make sure that everything goes well and whether I still require any assistance. I am really thankful for JACK Study Abroad’s service and their constant assistance!

Putri Almainda Kamila - Durham University

putri almainda

Name : Putri Almainda Kamila
Previous Institution : Universitas Indonesia
University : Durham University – UK
Intake : September 2019

JACK Study Abroad is beyond ordinary agent. They are very friendly and helpful in helping me prepare my study at Durham University in the UK, giving tips for student visa application, finding the best accommodation, giving tips on how to survive in UK, and many more. They are very responsive to whatever I’m asking for and never felt disturbed (even if it’s on the weekend or midnight). It was nearly impossible for me to be here, and still here I am! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the help of JACK Study Abroad. Thank you so much JACK Study Abroad for making this become possible!

Abigail Jenica Qhiu - Sheffield Hallam University

Abigail Jenica Qhiu

Name : Abigail Jenica Qhiu
Previous Institution : BPK Penabur Jakarta
University : Sheffield Hallam University – UK
Intake : September 2019

Hi! My name is Abigail and I am currently studying Food and Nutrition at Sheffield Hallam University. At first, I was kind of lost and didn’t know what course to take nor what university to go to. However, through my friends, JACK Study Abroad was introduced to me. JACK Study Abroad gave me a lot of information about universities and also about what documents I should prepare. Thanks to JACK Study Abroad to make this happens. Now I can study a course I like at a great university with many new great friends!

Nadya Annizar Mileninova - INTO Queen’s University Belfast

nadyaName : Nadya Annizar Mileninova
Previous Institution : Jakarta Nanyang School
University : INTO Queen’s University Belfast UK
Intake : September 2019

Pursuing my further studies in the UK has always been my dream. With JACK Study Abroad, my dream became true. At first, I wasn’t sure which university I should go to, but thanks to JACK Study Abroad, I’ve met so many kind people in my university and enjoying my university life here at INTO Queen’s. Nevertheless, my transition to the UK from Indonesia has been such a smooth ride with their great assistance. Thank you once again to JACK Study Abroad for guiding me through my journey and help me achieve my goals!

Glenys - University of Sheffield

GlenysName : Glenys
Previous institution : Curtin University
University : University of Sheffield – UK
Intake : September 2019

Studying in UK has always been my dream since long time ago, but it was very stressful for me as I encountered lots of problems during the application process and I was overly panic at that time. It was my mom’s friend, who introduced me to JACK Study Abroad – a friendly education consultant with such passionate and good team inside. They guided and further assisted me in terms of what university should I choose, because at that time I was quite confused and have zero idea of how does UK education and environment look like, or how does each city different with the other city.

I eventually choose to pursue my further study in Accounting and Finance in The University of Sheffield since it is member Russell Group University and it is such a prestige university with friendly people and notable reputations. Sheffield itself is also not a super-crowded city since it is a student city. In fact, this university is one of the recommended various options when I was in the process of university selection. They have also patiently explained every little thing, such as living fees in Sheffield, even showed me some previews of the city’s environments. The visa application process went so smoothly, thanks to the JACK Study Abroad!

I really enjoy studying and living in Sheffield so far, and I believe without JACK Study Abroad, probably I wouldn’t have made it here. They are still keeping in touch with me even though I have been here for months. BIG THANKS to JACK Study Abroad, thanks for such good assistance throughout the whole process. BEST OF LUCK!

Muhammad Adithya Ekananda Salim - University of Plymouth

Muhammad Adithya Ekananda SalimName :  Muhammad Adithya Ekananda Salim
Previous institution : Institut Teknologi Bandung
University : University of Plymouth – UK
Intake : September 2019

For the past two years, I always want to study abroad in Europe, as they offer free education. To pursue my goal, I have spent two years to study Germany and Dutch language. They were time-consuming and difficult. After that, I think why didn’t I just pick to pursue my study in an English-speaking country if my main goal is to study abroad and I already have decent English fluency?

Finally picked to study in the UK because UK has the two best universities that provide Marine Science which suits my interest. When I was looking how to apply to those universities, I stumbled upon JACK Study Abroad, which I thought I have heard or seen the name of before. Sure I have! I often see JACK Study’s banner every day when I went to work.

Then I went to their nearest office and it turned out that they can help me to achieve my dream to study in the UK! The personnel there are very friendly, the situation is calm, and their service is very helpful. They kindly supported my preparations to study in the UK, their services were free of charges! They explained every information I require to study abroad, from what to do months before departure to what to achieve weeks after inauguration. JACK Study Abroad is amazing! They accomplished the target of me studying abroad in the UK in months quicker than what I did alone to study in Germany for years.

Oh, don’t ever think that they only help me before my journey abroad. They still contact me until now and gladly provide helps to this very day. And now I’m in Plymouth University, I enjoy my life and study here very much. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for your precious assistance.

Airen Sopany - Teesside University

Airen SopanyName : Airen Sopany
Previous institution : SMA Santo Aloysius Bandung
University : Teesside University – UK
Intake : September 2019

Hi, my name is Airen. I am currently studying fashion design at Teesside University in the UK.

I was lost at first. I didn’t know what to do and which university to choose, but JACK Study Abroad helped me with this, they provide lots of information about studying in the UK, which universities can be considered with uniqueness of each universities, I applied to few but at the end I chose to do my degree at Teesside University as they are very strong in design.

Thanks to JACK Study Abroad I am able to achieve my dream of studying abroad in the UK. The team was very helpful with all documents, visa process, accommodation arrangement, medical checkup and guided me with every steps until I depart to the UK.

I am happy to study at Teesside University. The university really cares of their students; the staffs are all so friendly. I am happy to be a part of this and enjoy it so far.

Angelica - INTO Newcastle University


Name : Angelica
Previous institution : UPH College
University: INTO Newcastle University – UK
Intake : September 2019

Early this year, I was very panic looking for options of overseas universities while most of my friends already got offers from some universities. Then I decided to apply to a university, but then I realized that university might not be suitable for me as I have no idea about the campus environment and also the city itself. It made me even more stressful in choosing which university to go. Then my mom’s friend introduced us to JACK Study Abroad. The counselor was very patiently explaining me about few options of universities in the UK, the environment of each city, and what I need to prepare for the whole process. After their consultation and my consideration, I decided to apply for studying business at INTO Newcastle University in the UK. And here I am now at Newcastle, I really enjoy my study and the city itself is also very nice student city. There are a lot of international students and people here are all very friendly. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for the recommendation.

Christine Koharitanu - Nottingham Trent University

Christine KoharitanuName : Christine Koharitanu
Previous institution : Ming Chuan University
University : Nottingham Trent University – UK
Intake : September 2019

Spent the last year of university contemplating whether I should take postgraduate program or not, and at last I decided to take it. One of the students in NTU recommended JACK Study Abroad as the agent he can vouch for, and I really can do the same!

JACK Study Abroad assisted me to apply to the university, answered all my questions, handled my student visa application, medical checkup arrangement, scholarship, accommodation, tuition fee payment, and all those complicated process. Even after I arrived in the UK, they still contacted me, make sure everything is fine and in order. I am so thankful and want to give a big shout out to JACK Study Abroad for not only their best services, but also how much they care about my well-being and my future. I really can’t ask for a better agent, keep up the good work!

Sheila Shafira - University of Bristol

Sheila ShafiraName : Sheila Shafira
Previous institution : SMAN 34 Jakarta
University : University of Bristol – UK
Intake : September 2019

I have always known that I wanted to study abroad since a long time ago. It was also my parents’ dream to be able to send me studying abroad. I started to look for information on which university I want to study in since I was in High School, and then me and my parent met JACK Study Abroad. After comparing between US, Australia, and UK, I decided that I want to study in the UK. I started looking on options which university has the best ranking for my desired major, which is Mechanical Engineering, and then I decided to choose for University of Bristol, which it is ranked top 10 university in the UK. JACK Study Abroad has always helped me ever since the very start of my journey, from my university application, visa process, and also managing my accommodation. JACK Study Abroad has helped me so much and made everything so much easier. I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad to everyone who wants to study abroad. Thankyou JACK Study Abroad.

Jennifer Katzia - INTO Newcastle University

Jennifer KatziaName : Jennifer Katzia
Previous Institution : SMAK 4 BPK Penabur Jakarta
University : INTO Newcastle University – UK
Intake : September 2019

I met my beloved counselor at education fair held by my high school when I was in year 10 few years ago. During 2 years until I finished my year 12, we have always been in contact each other and finally, I applied to some universities in the UK and Australia. After she gave me a better understanding about education in the UK and Australia, me and my parents decided to choose UK as my study destination. I decided choosing Newcastle University by taking Business courses for my degree and I am totally enjoying studying here. There are a lot of international students and the city is very convenient for studying and of course, it’s one of the safest cities in the UK.

I would like to thank bunch to JACK Study Abroad to give me a full support and assistance for my study. I really recommended JACK Study Abroad for you who wish to study abroad.

Marcella Jesslyn - Sheffield Hallam University

Marcella JesslynName : Marcella Jesslyn
Previous institution : Taylor’s University
University : Sheffield Hallam University – UK
Intake : September 2019

Studying in the UK has always been my dream. Sincere thanks to JACK Study Abroad, my dream finally becomes true. I used to study in Malaysia for my foundation and first year of degree. However, I am very keen to transfer and continue my degree in the UK.

At first, I wasn’t really sure which university in the UK that can accept credit transfer. Luckily I met JACK Study Abroad and my journey moving to the UK has been nothing but smooth. They introduce me to a variety of universities starting from the well-known university to the more modern university. The process of applying to the university itself as well as the student visa process was really easy as they guided me every step of the way. In the end, I decided to choose Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) as my choice because the city itself is such a student city and the modules they offer were into my liking. They introduced me to new students who will be studying to SHU with me as well as Indonesian students who are already in SHU which made me less worried about moving alone. Thank you once again JACK Study Abroad for guiding me and helping me to achieve my dreams!

Orlando Gamal - Nottingham Trent University

Orlando GamalName : Orlando Gamal
Previous institution : Universitas Tarumanegara
University : Nottingham Trent University – UK
Intake : September 2019

It has been a wonderful journey working together with JACK Study Abroad in preparing my master’s study in Nottingham Trent University. JACK Study Abroad has helped me a lot through whole process, from preparing documents for application process, reminding and guiding me every stage and deadlines, registration for IELTS test, and until the student visa application process. Their dedication and great assistance made me feel I’m in the right hand to pursue my dreams to study in the UK. Thank you very much JACK Study Abroad for your tremendous help especially their counselor in Jakarta office who has been assisting me from the beginning till the end, and hope the best for JACK Study Abroad in the future. Truly recommended for you guys to choose JACK Study Abroad to pursue your dreams abroad!

Theodore Aristo Latief - University of Lancaster

Theodore Aristo Latief

Name : Theodore Aristo Latief
Previous institution : Springfield School
University : University of Lancaster – UK
Intake : September 2019

During the course of my high school years, I was still undecided on which country and course to further my academic career. That changed when I met JACK Study Abroad.

JACK Study Abroad really guided me in my application process as they are the forefront of agencies for UK universities, hence they have a lot of experience in dealing with UK applicants. They provided me with numerous options, helpful insights and handled all the paper works and legal aspects of applying to a university. I believe that without JACK Study Abroad, I will not be able to study in the UK, as it would be a more challenging process to apply alone.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is considering to further their studies in the UK to use service from JACK Study Abroad. Thank you JACK Study Abroad!

Joshua Rinaldi - University of Essex

Joshua Rinaldi

Name : Joshua Rinaldi
Previous institution : Universitas Pelita Harapan
University : University of Essex – UK
Intake : October 2019

This is me standing proudly in front of University of Essex – Southend Campus, but I couldn’t have made it this far if it’s not with the help of JACK Study Abroad by their amazing counselor.

I actually postponed my studies this year instead of last year because of family issues which initially I have already decided to stay in Indonesia and forget about getting Master in UK, but bunch of thanks to their counselor who always motivated me that I would be better off to pursue my study in the UK.

They basically help me with everything from helping me to choose the right subject areas, chasing my offer letter, till help me a lot with my student visa application, and with their help my visa is granted finally. I couldn’t thank enough for all their great assistance. Thank you so much JACK Study Abroad!

Jimmy Alex Christian - Coventry University

Jimmy Alex Christian

Name : Jimmy Alex Christian
Previous institution : Universitas Tarumanegara
University : Coventry University – UK
Intake : Sept 2019

I have never thought of studying in the UK previously until I met JACK Study Abroad.

They provided me all the information I required for applying for a masters degree in the UK, they convinced me and made me fell in love with UK and eventually I want to do my masters there. When searching options for the universities, my counselor helped me select the university which suits my character and personality. They helped me from applying to the universities, share me information on how to get scholarship until preparing my student visa application.

I’m currently studying at Coventry University, one of the most prestigious universities in the UK doing Master of Laws (LLM). Thank you JACK Study Abroad for the endless help and continuous support.

Theodore Agatha - University of Exeter

Theodore Agatha

Name : Theodore Agatha
Previous Institution : Binus School Serpong
University : University of Exeter – UK
Intake : Sept 2019

In the beginning I thought I had everything under control. From my personal statement to final applications, I had all the assistance I needed. At this point in time my mother and I argued a lot about whether or not to look for education agency, as I thought everything was going well anyway. Little did I know, I had yet to embark on my university preparation process. Sure I had successfully garnered two acceptance letters (and three on the way!!), but I didn’t realise that I had a mountain of legal paperwork looming before me.

In the end, I turned to JACK Study Abroad for assistance. When my A-Level results came out, my prediction grades missed by a landslide due to the lack of effort I had put in during preparation season. JACK Study Abroad was ready to lend a hand in the clearing process for me, but fortunately we didn’t have to go down such a traumatic experience. They helped me with all the necessary legal paperwork, reminded me to apply for my accommodation, airport collection services, and even advised me on which university I was going to choose.

When I thought the drama of applying to university was over, I was wrong. I had a minor difficulty with my BRP collection, but once again JACK Study Abroad was there to help. I cannot stress this enough – they have been such a helpful companion all throughout my application process.

I am now going into the fourth week of my study in University of Exeter as a first year BSc Psychology student and I’m having the time of my life. My agent still checks up on me from time to time to make sure I was doing well and did all the legal paperwork that had to be done upon arrival.

If you are considering applying for your undergraduate (or postgraduate) degree abroad, I highly recommend this agency. I am truly grateful for all the assistance JACK Study Abroad has given me.

Patar Gabriel Toratugus - Durham University

Patar Gabriel Toratugus

Name : Patar Gabriel Toratugus
Previous Institution : Universitas Atmajaya
University : Durham University – UK
Intake : Sept 2019

I have always wanted to study from the best and in the best place in the whole world. For me, that option is Durham University Business School. I applied for the MBA program and have JACK Study Abroad helped me through the whole process. LITERALLY from the start of my application until the date of my departure, and even after I started studying, I still keep in contact with my Education Counselor. JACK Study Abroad has been the one-stop academic guide for me. They helped my through all, day and night, and most importantly, I can feel the sincerity of their actions. I definitely recommend JACK Study Abroad to all my friends who are going to study abroad. They offer just more than university searching and visa application process. They also offer insight and advice which I value mostly.

Special shout-out to my Education Counselor at Jakarta office. You guys are the best!

Deren Marlo - Loughborough University

deren marlo

Name : Deren Marlo
Previous Institution : Sekolah Pelita Harapan Sentul City
University : Loughborough University – UK
Intake : Sept 2019

In the very beginning of my university application process, I had a really hard time deciding on which university I would like to enroll to. At that time in high school, I was bombarded by tons of homework, essay deadlines and the fact that my final exam is just a couple months away. Focusing primarily on my school tasks and exam revisions at that time leads me to a point where I randomly chose and applied to several universities that offer the product design course; universities that didn’t give me a certain kick of “Wow, I definitely have to go to that university no matter what it takes!”

This is when JACK Study Abroad took its role of advising me on which university to apply to; helping me to have a firm decision on my university choices. JACK Study Abroad suggested Loughborough University as it is one of the top 5 universities in the UK. I thought that the process of application would be lengthy and troublesome for me but it turns out to be not! I could go through each step of the process with ease thanks to the guidance from JACK Study Abroad. There wasn’t a single thing that I overlooked at any time during the application process as JACK Study Abroad constantly reminded me on the things I need to prepare for every step in the process. After all the help that I have received from JACK Study Abroad, I feel that what I’ve received is not just a mere one-time-service from a study abroad agency, rather, I can say that what I experienced has a lifelong impact to my constant pursue of education.

Thank you JACK Study Abroad!

Mary Anne Clarissa Marcia - INTO University of East Anglia

Mary Anne

Name : Mary Anne Clarissa Marcia
Previous Institution : SMA Tunas Bangsa
University : INTO University of East Anglia – UK
Intake : Sept 2019

I spent the whole three years of high school trying to decide on what major to take and what university to go to. It was full of turns, and I felt like I was going in circles and going nowhere. Until 12th grade I attended a University Expo held by JACK Study Abroad and I finally found the university I was looking for.

Throughout the whole process, JACK Study Abroad helped me from A to Z, from the university application, to the submission, to discussing about the scholarships and applying the student visa. JACK Study Abroad also arranged for me to meet up with the representative of my university so that I can ask further and have a bigger picture on what I’m going to experience. All in all, it would have been a way more difficult process if I didn’t have their help. I would definitely recommend JACK Study Abroad to those who want to study overseas. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for your astounding support, keep up the good work and best of luck!

Yogen Arlen Pramudita - INTO Exeter

Yogen Arlen PramuditaName : Yogen Arlen Pramudita
Previous institution : SMA Atisa Dipamkara
University : INTO Exeter – UK
Intake : Sept 2019

Studying in UK had been one of my desirable dreams as not all students have this chance to educate themselves in one of the famous universities in the world.

With JACK Study Abroad assistance, I have excellent opportunity to travel to the other part of the world with the necessary information and knowledge about it. Furthermore, with the wonderful services and encouragement, JACK Study Abroad has become my main supporter for preparing me for studying overseas. They prepare everything right for me from selecting the university that suits my personality to arranging my student visa so I can depart on time to the UK for my studies. I really recommend JACK Study Abroad to everyone who wants to study abroad!

Gerard Francis Ngantung Calamba - University of Bristol

Gerard Francis

Name : Gerard Francis Ngantung Calamba
Previous institution : Manado Independent School
University : University of Bristol – UK
Intake : Sept 2019

Nearing the end of my high school years, I still did not know where to continue my studies. It was very difficult for me to decide where to go. Suddenly one day when I was browsing information for universities option, then I came across JACK Study Abroad.

They were extremely helpful in helping me decide which country I wanted to continue my studies. Since JACK Study Abroad is a big representative of British universities, I decided to continue my studies in the United Kingdom.

The team at JACK Study Abroad was extremely helpful. The did their best to help me get into my dream university, which is the University of Bristol – Top 10 university in the UK. They were extremely helpful in my application process to the university, my VISA application, including my scholarship application. They have made my burden a lot lighter. Now, I am in Bristol studying in the University of Bristol. I really enjoy studying and living here because of its peaceful atmosphere.

I could not recommend JACK Study Abroad more highly. JACK Study Abroad is your go-to place for help to apply to excellent universities.

Muhammad Adrian Septiandry Sendjaja - Sheffield Hallam University

Adrian Septiandry

Name : Muhammad Adrian Septiandry Sendjaja
Previous Institution : Universitas Indonesia
University : Sheffield Hallam University – UK
Intake : September 2018

Just a year ago, I had difficulties when planning my future study until I met JACK Study Abroad.

To be honest, JACK Study Abroad has provided me an excellent service so I can attend one of the best UK university to get my Msc for my future. Without their great assistance, I won’t be enrolled in the program which allow me to get some scholarship and working opportunity whilst I’m doing my dissertation.

Many thanks for giving me lots of generous supports even until today. I wouldn’t recommend any educational consultant except this one. Keep up the good work and I hope you can send more students to SHU 😁.

Louisa Janice Kamajaya - University of York

Name : Louisa Janice Kamajaya
Previous institution : SMA Santa Laurensia
University : University of York – UK
Intake : September 2018

Hello, my name is Janice and I’m currently studying in University of York as an undergraduate student. I just finished my foundation year from York International College and had an absolutely pleasant experience living in the UK!

During my research for universities in the UK, I found that JACK Study Abroad was one of the official representatives for the universities I was interested in. Coincidentally, my elder sister also used JACK Study Abroad service for her studies years ago. Knowing that this consultant was a trusted one, I went ahead and asked for their help, not only for the application process but also for my decisions.

JACK Study Abroad made whole process starting from application to the university until visa application process as easy as possible. I also got some scholarship from the university. I am truly grateful for the assistance that JACK Study Abroad has offered me!

Philip Kristianto - University of Strathclyde


Name : Philip Kristianto
Previous institution : Nanjing Audit University Overseas Student Committee
University : University of Strathclyde – UK
Intake : September 2018

I am very thankful to JACK Study Abroad for helping me take the most important decision of my career. JACK Study Abroad helped me put my fears and concerns away and guided me all through and through. Well, study abroad was the best decision of my life or maybe the second best, would be to approach JACK Study Abroad for being my consutant.

I troubled the staff with my never-ending list of questions, but they always got back with a very prompt response and addressed all my queries, with patience and kindness. They guided me regarding the selection of the University, courses, admission process, accommodation until visa application and so on.

Today, I am a proud MSc student of the University of Strathclyde – UK, and I appreciate all the help and support rendered by JACK Study Abroad and I would take this opportunity to thank them for their constant advice and support.

Cheers and all the best for JACK Study Abroad!

Priska Patricia Rafel - University of the West of England, Bristol

Priska Patricia Rafel

Name : Priska Patricia Rafel
Previous Institution : The One Academy (Malaysia)
University : University of the West of England, Bristol – UK
Intake : January 2019

I first applied to the University of the West of England in Bristol (UWE Bristol) from their Asia Pacific regional office in Malaysia. There were so many problems that I encountered while being handled by them, until I had to go back to Indonesia. I quickly looked for other alternatives to proceed with my application and luckily I came to the right place.

JACK Study Abroad had helped and guided me through every process of my application, starting from the enrolment, visa, payment, until the accommodation part. Even when we encountered some problem caused by the university’s miscommunication, JACK Study Abroad patiently gathered the information I needed and kindly directed me to what I should do. Every key information was completely given upfront so I had a complete vision of how will the application occur. I am convinced that their staff’s experience in handling their previous students had helped me make my application went very smoothly. They even still checked on me before and after I am in the UK, making sure that I was fine and I did the important things needed to be done on my arrival. I am very grateful that JACK Study Abroad was the consultancy that helped me continue my further study.

Ervelyn - Nottingham Trent University


Name : Ervelyn
Previous institution : Universitas Pelita Harapan
University : Nottingham Trent University – UK
Intake : January 2019

One thing I certain beyond question is I wouldn’t be where I am right now without JACK Study’s helping hand! Been acquired thousands of assistance with the documents screening (bank reference, certificate translation, etc), medical checkup, IELTS test, student visa application, accommodation arrangement, settle in, and not to mention the chance to obtain 50% scholarship from the university, I owe it all to JACK Study Abroad. Whenever I feel concerned, my agent has always got my back, reassured me, and responded remarkably fast so I don’t have anything to worry about.

To all of you who’s still contemplating, remember that “it always seems impossible until it’s done”. Start NOW with JACK Study Abroad and all you have to prepare is just your heart and soul to embrace a new chapter in life!

Bagas Kumoro Ardhy - Lancaster University

bagas kumoro ardhy

Name : Bagas Kumoro Ardhy
Previous School : Universitas Indonesia
Intake : September 2018
University : Lancaster University – UK

Pursuing a master degree abroad has been my absolute dream, and JACK Study Abroad has helped me tremendously in achieving this. JACK Study Abroad helped me in choosing which country, university and program best suited for me, because I was such in a big dilemma at that time. JACK Study Abroad has many options of universities that you can choose, then I decided to study Master in Human Resource Management at Lancaster University as it is top ten university in the UK. Not only assistance in choosing the university, JACK Study Abroad has also assisted me in every step during the process until I depart to study in the UK! JACK Study Abroad had made this process so much ease and I recommend other prospective students to apply to your dream universities abroad through JACK Study Abroad! Thank you Jack Study Abroad!

Valerie Barki - UCL Centre For Languages & International Education

Valerie Barki

Name : Valerie Barki
Previous School : SMA Santa Ursula Jakarta
Intake : September 2018
University : UCL Centre For Languages & International Education – UK

The decision I made to study in the UK was a last minute one. I made the decision in late 2017, a few months before the applications were due. I had never before entertained the thought of studying in the UK before discovering the various interdisciplinary courses it offered, amongst which I found quite a few that fit me perfectly. Thus, I had to start fresh and do my research as I knew almost nothing about UK universities and its application process.

The first few weeks of research was overwhelming as there was a lot of new information to be absorbed. The application process, personal statement structure, academic and English requirements were quite different than the ones I knew of in other countries. This situation was thankfully rectified when I finally stumbled upon JACK Study Abroad. The staff gave me the assurance and information I needed to finalize my decision to come to the UK. Through their great assistance, I was able to completely focus on just meeting the entry requirements of my course and providing documents for the application (both for the universities and accommodations). Everything else was completely taken care of efficiently and professionally.

I am currently doing a foundation course in University College London, with Economics and Modern European History & Politics as my elective modules. It is a challenging course which allows access to top UK universities without A levels or IB qualifications, and one that gives sufficient preparation for any undergraduate degree. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for helping me get to where I am today. I definitely recommend using their services for a stress-free application.

Lidya Devega Rajagukguk - Birkbeck, University of London

lidya devega

Name : Lidya Devega Rajagukguk
Previous School : Sekolah Pelita Harapan (Sentul)
Intake : September 2018
University : Birkbeck, University of London – UK

London is a great city to pursue higher education and with the great assistance of JACK Study Abroad I was able to move in to this city without worry. After accepting my offer to study Psychology (BSc) in Birkbeck, University of London, I had JACK Study Abroad to help me with my UK student visa and other stuff. They quickly sorted out my documents within only a few days, which is very convenient for me since my application was quite late. Without JACK Study Abroad I don’t think I would get my visa on time, because UK visas are quite a handful to get. It was really easy to contact them and they were also very responsive and friendly on every queries I had. Thank you to JACK Study Abroad, because without them, I wouldn’t be here!

Brandon Andika Sunandar - UWE Bristol

brandon andika

Name : Brandon Andika Sunandar
Previous School : Springfield School
Intake : September 2018
University : UWE Bristol

“I felt almost hopeless after my A level results came in.  I knew I wasn’t able to make the cut from the required UCAS tariff points. So, like any emotional high schooler, I fell into disparity. I felt the sinking claws of the dark days ahead of me. But, like unsung heroes shining from the top of a distant hill, JACK study abroad strode down and liberated me from the shadows of anguish and gave me a second shot. It turned out to be one hell of a shot. It only took them about a mere total of 19 days to help me get through my application process to University of West England. 19 days, that’s 2 weeks and 4 days. Honestly, their service to high-level education seekers is spectacular if not unbelievable. They’re like an older sibling looking out for you. Though this doesn’t mean you can kick back and relax and make them do all the work, you must share the load but they’re always there to lend a helpful hand in each step of the way. I can’t thank them enough. This testimony is the only current way I can express my gratitude. Because without JACK Study Abroad, I wouldn’t be writing this in my cozy little dorm room halfway across the world with a thick fuzzy blanket wrapped around me, knowing that I’m in a new journey in life to do the work that I love. The only regret I have with JACK Study Abroad, was me being stupid and not asking for their help a little sooner. Seriously, take my emotional ex-high schooler self-words for it: recommended consultant.”

Martha Chiquita Simanjuntak - Goldsmiths, University of London

martha chiquita

Name : Martha Chiquita Simanjuntak
Previous School : University of Wollongong
University : Goldsmiths, University of London – UK
Intake : Sept 2018

It has always been a dream for me to study in the UK. As a person who really appreciates arts and always takes it as a part of life, I feel the need to discover more of it in a city where I can get most of the resources from. And now, I’m making the most out of my ‘discovery’ in one of the best universities for art major, Goldsmiths University of London, taking MA in Cultural & Creative Industries. With the tight schedules, difficult time and distance, I know applying to universities might seem overwhelming. I should start applying even when I hadn’t finished my undergrad yet — so I was between the hectic of facing final exams, and collecting postgrad documents! Propitiously, I was on the right hand of JACK Study Abroad! I have also heard of them from my fellow undergrad friends; whose applications were managed by them. Now you can tell how trusted and agile they are of handling so many students all at once! I could connect with them wherever I was that time, I might be busy doing things miles away from them, but they definitely made it easy for me. My documents were handled so well through emails, and they were always there for queries through social media and private chats. Right from the start of collection of documents and check-ups, until the visa is in your hand and your luggage is fully ready to fly to where your dream university is, they will always be there making sure everything is well-managed. Huge thanks to JACK Study Abroad for the extraordinary service, for making this happen. Would 100% recommend them to all the students out there!

Annabella Safira Renaldi - Leeds Beckett University

annabella safira

Name : Annabella Safira Renaldi
Previous School : Binus School Serpong
University : Leeds Beckett University – UK
Intake : Sept 2018

If I weren’t for JACK Study Abroad, I wouldn’t be where I am now studying at the UK while pursuing my dream as a performer. JACK Study Abroad helped me prepare to Leeds Beckett University as well as find me the perfect course when I was still indecisive about what I wanted to study. The performing Arts course here turned out to be the perfect course for me!

I love studying here and got along with everyone just fine! Thank you, JACK Study Abroad, for helping me pursue my dreams and found me the place I love dearly.

Dellavinta Muliady - INTO Newcastle University

dellavinta muliady

Name : Dellavinta Muliady
Previous School : UPH College
Uni : INTO Newcastle University – UK
Intake : Sept 2018

I have been dreaming to study abroad, and JACK Study Abroad helps me to make my dream come true. I choose Newcastle University because it is ranked 22nd for Business major among other universities in the UK. I thought applying the application to study abroad is really complicated, but thankfully JACK Study Abroad helps me through all of my application processes until I can finally get here. I really enjoy my life and study here in Newcastle.

Ines Permata Lisan - University of Sussex

ines permata lisan

Name: Ines Permata Lisan
Previous University: Parahyangan Catholic University
University: University of Sussex – UK
Intake: Sept 2018
I have been dreaming of studying abroad since I was a child, I thought that It was possible to prepare all of things related to studying abroad by my own, but I did not expect that a lot of procedures were required. I was a little bit overwhelmed and got lost due to working at that time, and thank God I met JACK Study Abroad. JACK Study Abroad team showed their integrity and professionalism while they were helping me, they could understand me so well and keep up with me although I was so busy at that time. They had very good planning skills and they certainly knew what they were doing, so everything was done really well at the proper time. They worked in a way that was beyond my expectation. One thing that I love the most about JACK Study Abroad is they always prioritize us by treating us well and working as best as they can to achieve all of our desires. Thank you JACK Study Abroad team for turning my dream into reality in a seamless way.

Sekar Arum Kinanti - INTO Newcastle University

sekar arum kinanti

Name: Sekar Arum Kinanti
Previous School: SMAN 61 Jakarta
University: INTO Newcastle University – UK
Intake: Sept 2018    

JACK Study Abroad helped me to make my dreams come true. Here I am, in Newcastle University one of the best Universities in the UK. Thank you for helping me from choosing the university, assist my application process, help me to apply for the scholarship, the payment process, student visa arrangement until my departure to the UK.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate and fully trust JACK Study Abroad!

Harry Putra Pangestu - Nottingham Trent University

harry putra

Name: Harry Putra Pangestu
Previous institution: Tarumanagara University
University: Nottingham Trent University – UK
Intake: Sept 2018 

JACK Study Abroad has helped me to get into Nottingham Trent University, one of the best university in the UK for real estate course.  I also obtained some partial scholarship from this university. Furthermore, they are so helpful from beginning, preparing all my documents through whole procedure of registration etc until student visa application and also assist me when I look for accommodation as well.

The team always have answer for my all questions, and always give fast responsive to our needs.

Here I am now in Nottingham, start my new life and study at NTU, which I enjoy so much. I even still in touch with JACK Study Abroad team until present.  I really appreciate and trust JACK Study Abroad, thank you!

Keane Putera Laksana - INTO Newcatle University

Keane Putera

Name: Keane Putera Laksana
Previous School: SMA Kanisius Jakarta
University: INTO Newcatle University – UK
Intake: Sept 2018 

I have always wanted to study in the UK to pursue my higher education. The first thing that come to my mind is it will be very hard and complicated to apply to the university in UK. Thankfully, there is JACK Study Abroad that makes it really simple and easy. When I ask any questions about studying abroad, they always know the answers.

They are really friendly and helpful since day one. They helped me starting from choosing the university, accommodation, IELTS preparation, and visa application until I get to INTO Newcastle University. Even after that, they also contacted me to make sure that I have settled with my new life in UK. I really appreciate that JACK Study Abroad give more than 100% to help me with my study in the UK.

Currently I am studying Business and Management (Foundation Year) in Newcastle University and I really enjoy studying here. The city is very nice and you can reach anywhere you want to go by walking. And the most important, the people here are very friendly. I am glad that I choose Newcastle University thanks to JACK Study Abroad. I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad if you want to study abroad, especially in the UK.

Michael David Sidabutar - Oxford Brookes University

michael david

Name: Michael David Sidabutar
Previous institution: Universitas Katolik Parahyangan
University: Oxford Brookes University – UK
Intake: Sept 2018 

Studying in UK? Living in Oxford City? Having so many friends from around the world? Trust me, I had this dreams until I met JACK Study Abroad who made all of my dreams come true. They really passionately helped me to get what I want to learn in UK and they have a lot of the best Universities suggestion to be chosen by you. Here I am as Postgraduate Student MSc International Luxury Marketing at Oxford Brookes University. Thank you JACK Study Abroad to make my dreams come true.

Maria Margaretha Kania - Newcastle University

Maria Margaretha

Name: Maria Margaretha Kania
Previous institution: Universitas Katolik Parahyangan
University: Newcastle University – UK
Intake: Sept 2018

Thank you so much JACK Study Abroad for helping me a since day 1 I chose my university, they assisted me from university application process, payment process until accommodation and student visa arrangement, until I finally arrived in Newcastle to start my postgraduate study at Newcastle University.

Newcastle is a student city. Furthermore, there are a lot of international students studying in this city and I feel safe living and studying here. Even though it is not big city but it is easy to look for anything, it also has many tourist attractions, and for sure a lot of cool spots so I will not feel bored. Best of luck for JACK Study Abroad!

Laura Aprilyani - Sheffield Hallam University

laura aprilyani

Name: Laura Aprilyani
Previous institution: University of Auckland
University: Sheffield Hallam University – UK
Intake: Sept 2018

Studying in the UK has never been on my list, until one day I came across this specific course; MSc in Food Consumer Marketing & Product Development at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). This uniquely named program has gained my interest straight away. Then one day, I met JACK Study at a higher education fair in Jakarta. On that day I told JACK Study Abroad that I wanted to study at Sheffield Hallam University, however they have not sent any students to SHU yet. Thus, they promised me that they would look at it and would follow me up.

6 months later, here I am in Sheffield, studying the course that I’ve been dreaming of with the help of JACK Study Abroad. Although this was their first time sending a student to SHU, but through their professionalism the whole process went very smooth. Starting with the submission of University application, accommodation finding, visa application, and pre departure briefing. Tremendously, JACK Study managed to arrange a meeting for me and representative of SHU when they came to Indonesia. Although I’m already in Sheffield, I’m still in touch with JACK Study because their aim is not just to preparing you for the study but also to make sure that you’re adjusting well in the new country.

Sheffield is indeed a great place to live in, as it’s a student friendly & multicultural city. Everything is just within a walking distance, and being in the middle of England means that it’s a strategic place to travel around the country. Being an international is not easy, fortunately Sheffield Hallam University has shown their commitment to their international students through various ways of support; from an English course to social activities. I appreciate the assistance that JACK Study Abroad has given, I would not be here if it weren’t for them.

Aviranty Nabilla - Plymouth University


Name: Aviranty Nabilla
Previous institution: Universitas Pelita Harapan
University: Plymouth University – UK
Intake: Sept 2018

I always knew that I would like to continue straight away to do masters after completing my bachelor’s degree. Therefore, I had to find lots of information about the course, the fees, the universities, and other technical things in order to be sure that this is the right major and university for my postgraduate degree.

After visiting some education fairs and education consultant offices, I was firmly decided that JACK Study Abroad is the one that I will choose to help me gain the information needed and help me with the application for my master’s degree.

JACK Study Abroad helped me find the right course and university. They guided me through every bit of the university application, visa process, and they even helped me with my accommodation. They made everything easier for me until I arrived here, in Great Britain, enabling me to enrolled in the University of Plymouth.

Massive thanks to JACK Study Abroad for helping me with everything. Thank you for dedicating your time to answer any of my questions and replying to my texts even in the middle of the night.

Should you need any assistance to apply to any overseas universities, do not hesitate to contact JACK Study Abroad and ask them for assistance. They have loads of universities in their list for you and they will gladly assist you with everything you need!

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