JACK Study Abroad memberikan informasi yang lengkap dan jelas langkah yang harus dipersiapkan untuk mendaftar di universitas tujuan serta beberapa rekomendasi universitas yang disesuaikan dengan preferensi pribadi.

Dewi Mulia
Dewi Mulia RengganisUniversity of Greenwich – UK

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Axel Matthew Hugeng
Axel Matthew HugengSheffield Hallam University – UK

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Angela Anjani
Angela AnjaniINTO Manchester – UK

It has been an excellent experience to have been guided by JACK Study Abroad team in my journey to UK university education. Thank you JACK Study Abroad.

Jibril Gibran
Jibril GibranUniversity of Sussex – UK

I enjoy my time and study in Liverpool. To anyone who is planning to study abroad, I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad.

Chelsea Adora
Chelsea ADORAUniversity of Liverpool – UK

I would like to thank JACK Study Abroad for all the effort that they put in, and I would definitely recommend them to everyone planning to study abroad.

Yip SanUniversity of Bath – UK

I would recommend JACK Study Abroad for everyone who wishes to pursue higher education even in this pandemic situation. They will assist you with their excellent services.

Jennifer Gabriella
Jennifer GabriellaBirkbeck University of London – UK

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Kusfisiami Wima Mustika
Kusfisiami Wima MustikaDurham University – UK

Thank you JACK Study Abroad for handling all my applications. The team gave me a lot of advice on every single step until I arrived in the UK. I would highly recommend for those who want to study abroad.

Rayhan Aria Pratama
Rayhan Aria PratamaCoventry University – UK

I am beyond grateful for JACK Study Abroad helping us throughout the whole process. It is no doubt I would highly recommend JACK Study Abroad to those who wish to study abroad!

Herviantika Arissanti
Herviantika ArissantiDurham University – UK